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Subject: Re: Click when Pressing Next
Date: 2004-04-30

I probably should have been more clear. I was referring to, the audible
sound through the headphones (or stereo that you have the mp3 player hooked
up to) when you press next, to get to the next song. The sound that occurs
when the music stops playing to begin the next song.



Brian wrote:

> I know you guys are hard working at everything you do at Rockbox
> development, but one thing could be improved that stands out to me is the
> loud click when you press next. Well, it may not be loud on headphones,
> when using a car adaptor or plugged into an amplified stereo, it is quite
> loud. This used to be an issue to me with play and stop before the fade
> was released, but the fade eliminated the problem. How do we feel about
> perhaps a slightly faster fadeout (half or even a fourth of the
> fadeout length) to get rid of the click?

Erm, what click? Is this a 'feature' of some models, but not others?

The Other Brian

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