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Subject: Re: Car Adapter & STOP doesn't switch off (Bug or Feature ?)
Date: 2004-04-30

> wrote:
> > But if I press stop it should then at least go to the charging screen
> (right
> > ?), what it does NOT.
> Why is it important that the screen says "charging" instead of, for
> example, the dir browser? It charges the battery anyway.

The problem is, that it doesn't go to the charging screen nor shut off.
Let's explain again:

Car Adapter Mode enabled, car adapter plugged in.
Then playing a song and pressing and holding stop and nothing happens.
I understood that there is no complete off, when car adapter is plugged in.
But I would expect that the player goes at least to charging screen when I
press stop with car adapter plugged in. THAT is not happening and that's the
problem mentioned.


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