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Subject: Re: AJB wake up in car application
Date: 2004-05-02

> > As soon as there is a SW solution, I guess I'll flash it - oooop I've
> > forgotten that it's a Player. Player's can't be flashed, isn't it ?
> Technically speaking, they can, if you have the proper chip (see HW info).
> But Rockbox is not fit for it, running cold-started. There are some
> missing
> initializations to be discovered. SO far I failed to do so, even broke a
> donated Player in the attempt.
> Jörg
Ok. Summarizing that means "no (current) way" to flash Players.

So (in your opinion) do you think, that "wake-up when car adapter plugged
in" feature can be realised as SW solution w/o need of flashing Players ?



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