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Subject: Calculator plugin patch submitted
Date: 2004-05-03

I just wrote a calculator plugin and submitted here:

It's still in simple state and still limitations:
-- Right now, only accept "num, operator (+,-,*,/), num, =" input sequence.
   Input "3, +, 5, -, 2, =", the calculator will only do 5-2 and result = 3
   You have to input "3, +, 5, =, -, 2, =" to get 3+5-2 = 6
-- "*,/" have no priority. Actually you can't input 3+5*2 yet.

It may also have bugs. But it has some cool features:
-- Scientific number format core code. Support range 10^-999 ~ 10^999
-- Number of significant figures up to 10

I still got "undefined sqrt() funtion" error when I compile the real build.
But my cygwin x11 simulator doesn't have this error. Can somebody help me
with the this? In the file submitted, I just leave this function as x/2.

Thank Tom Norris for his initial idea.



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