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Subject: Re: Suggestion: Talking dirs w/o .dirname possible ?

Re: Suggestion: Talking dirs w/o .dirname possible ?

From: <>
Date: Mon, 3 May 2004 21:50:50 +0200 (MEST)

> wrote:
> > Creating that .dirname.tbx takes really a lot of time, as I found out
> > yesterday ;-))
> It does!? For my 10 GB of music organized in Genre/Artist/Album format
> and on my not exactly top-of-the-line 733 Mhz P3 under Linux it takes
> considerably less than 5 minutes for a complete run, far less on updates
> when only the missing files are generated, don't know about the windows
> TTS programs, though.

I was manually recording the .dirname files. Means I was reading and
speaking while recording every single .dirname file. That's why it took a
long time. If I understand you correctly there is a tool that creates the
.dirname's ?
Do you know such a tool for Windows ?

(If there should be a tool for generating that .dirname's automatically:
SKIP the rest of this mail, it is then obsolete ;-))

> > Would it be possible to NOT use that .dirname files and let the voice
> > feature pronounce the dirs (me personally I could accept any loss of
> > pronuciation quality) ?
> Nope, spelling the file name is all you can get that way. This is
> also possible right now, AFAIK.

Well spelling and numbers is not as luxury ;-))
I have to concentrate a lot while spelling and I don't have the dir position
(number) in mind.
So my favorite would be, that Rockbox is pronouncing the dirs as it does
with .dirname's but handled in a different way (as described below).

> > Following suggestions, if that is not possible:
> >
> > Why not storing all language specific voice files according to all
> laguages
> > contained in your dir names (e.g. German, English, Spanish music dirs,
> so
> > you store all of these 3 voice files to the AJB).
> >
> > We specify a tag in the directory names (e.g. G=german at the end, like
> > "Phil Collins - Face Value - G"). The talking dirs could evaluate that
> tag,
> > use the corresponding voice file and then pronounce the directory name
> (not
> > simply spelling it).
> >
> > Would that be a possible way ?
> It would, possibly. It also strikes my as too much pain for too little
> gain. And that is ignoring all the issues about keeping those files up
> to date. Plus, you'd still need to generate those files, which would
> take even longer than generating the .dirname.tbx files due to the
> additional work of building the search index for the file containing all
> those clips. Or did I misunderstand you here?

Maybe I did not explain very well.....
I would like to say, that I would still like to have the same "pronouncing"
functionality as it is currently done with the .dirname's.
The difference in my suggestion is, that we won't need the .dirname files
anymore. The pronounciation would be done by Rockbox.

That means:
We forget about the .dirname files. We let Rockbox pronounce the dir names.
If somebody has only one voice file stored, there would be loss in
pronounciation quality (I could accept that too, but I wanted to try
something that would even fix that).
Therefore I was thinking of something different.

Let's suppose you don't want to accept that loss of quality. Further, let's
say you have german and spanish music and therefore german and spanish dir
names. You are storing the german and spanish voice files to the JB. In the
dir name (syntax to be defined, e.g. "Phil Collins - Face Value - E" - 'E'
indicating it should pronounce that dir in english) you tell Rockbox, which
voice file it should use. If Rockbox would have the capability to pronounce
any dir names just by its text (w/o having a explicit .dirname file), it
then could use the (e.g.) 'E' tag to identify, that this dir should be
pronounced the "english" way. It then would use the english voice file.
Another dir could be tagged with 'S' and Rockbox will use the spnish voice
file to pronounce the dir.

Maybe this points out my idea more clearly ?

> Unless you constantly rename your directories, generating the
> .dirname.tbx files is a once-in-a-lifetime operation. So if you insist
> on your dir names being pronounced the linguistically correct way (me, I
> can live with the slight mangling of the Spanish and German directory
> names that I get when using the English Festival voice), you could just
> manually generate the .dirname.tbx file with the proper TTS system for
> the directories in question...

I agree 100%.

> Remember, you only have to generate the .dirname.tbx file *once*.
> Greetings,
> --
> Daniel Gudlat



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