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Subject: Re: Replacing the batteries of Jukebox Recorder V2
From: BlueChip (
Date: 2004-05-04

At 17:49 04/05/04, you wrote:
>It is not in the manual on the CD. However, I downloaded the web-site
>manual and it says that the unit ships with a flat Lithium-Ion battery
>that will last for the life of the product. Let's hope so :) I wonder why
>they chaged the batteries.

You may like to find the definition of "the life of the product" ...of
course, if the battery is not "user serviceable" then the product will die
when the battery fails ...and it will ...eventually ...most likely long
before the rest of the components in the unit.

If the batteries never failed then there would be no market for replacements!? will discuss the finer techincal details of the issue
with you will sell you a replacement (and fit it
for you, if you fear screwdrivers)

As for why ...people like new stuff irrespective of whether it is better or
not ...several billion dollar-pounds are spent every year to ensure that
your psychological programming does not vary from this norm ...remember
advertising works on everybody "except me"; and "if it's newer, it must be
better" all respects?

The eternal cynic,



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