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Subject: Re: progress with my car CD changer emulation plugin
From: James Currie (
Date: 2004-05-05

When ya'll have started working on the CD changer emulation, how have you
gotten information on the commands on the bus? Are you using an
oscilloscope to capture what is being sent, or is the information documented

>From: sophana <>
>Reply-To: Rockbox development <>
>To: Rockbox development <>
>Subject: Re: progress with my car CD changer emulation plugin
>Date: Wed, 05 May 2004 15:40:33 +0200
>what about startup?
>do you have to start your plugin manually each time you start your car
>You have choosed to bypass the button_queue, so you call direct mpeg_
>routines to control playback.
>How do you navigate through directories then?
>Are you limited to 6 playlists? (for 6 CDs)
>Is there a next/prev directory routine?
>Finally, using the 'button_queue api' for navigating through directories
>could be more practical, don't you think?
>[IDC]Dragon wrote:
>>I've done some changes to the plugin API recently, to allow a plugin to be
>>TSR (terminate and stay resident). It can spawn a thread, which gives it a
>>life after it has returned control to Rockbox. And I have added some
>>mpeg_xxx() functions for playback control.


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