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Subject: Re: power on mod and access to the SC1 pin
From: [IDC]Dragon (
Date: 2004-05-05

> As I remember, the contact of the buttons is done with some rubber
> contacts,
> equal to those in TV remotes.

No, it has "real" pushbuttons, similar to what's inside a mouse. Otherwise
you wouldn't get a tactile click.

> I could imagine it should not be as difficult to solder a thin (maybe very
> thin) wire on the other side of the board (not the contact side).

Should be possible, the contact side it probably even easier.

> > no need for a transistor, just use the tristate function of the io pin
> > to do open collector.
> So using the JB's uC, or your one in your HW ?
> Unfortunately Atmel uC's don't have tristate outs....

They sure do, I've used them this way myself. You have to reprogram a pin as
an input, then it becomes high impedance.


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