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Subject: Re: 0505Build voice UI crash
From: Brian Wolven (
Date: 2004-05-06

[IDC]Dragon wrote:

> I know about this problem, but failed to fight it so far. It sneaked in with
> my fix of the swallowed first syllable when changing clips.
> To fix the new problem, I may need to change the method Rockbox does
> pause/resume in general. Sorry for neglecting this, maybe I should roll back
> for the time being.

I encountered the missing voice thing for the first time last night.
Funny thing was, when it finished playing the song (the one I'd started
before the voice was finished speaking), it announced "Battery level".
Then when I scrolled up one it started reading the voice entries from
the config menu one by one, as if iterating the list of lang_ids. Then
it quit for a while, only to start reading more config menu entries as I
  browsed through the folders. It was quite amusing in a way - but I'd
vote for the rollback to the syllable swallowing code, too, until you
figure out the updated code. =)


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