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Subject: JBS 20 Harddisk Error *help needed"
From: Markus Grebenstein (
Date: 2004-05-06

Hi guys,
my JBS20 is gone!
Short description, what happens:
1. Switching on (battery- supply): The HD doesn't start turning. I get a
message HD-Error (standard firmware on flash)
2. Connecting to a DC- Adapter: "Charging- batteries" (that doesn't
finish after 24 hours!); no buzzing noise as I am used to. If I turn the
JB on I again get a HD- Error. There's a Voltage of 5.7 V on the
batterie-connectors when charging
3. Connecting to USB: "USB active". But the Harddisk still doesn't turn
at all
4. Harddisk on an USB- Adapter (ATA 44). Runs perfectly! I checked, it
reformated it, put rockbox on it....

What I've tried to repair it:
1.Resoldered the pins of the IDE (ATA) plug and the connections of the
springs at the battery- case.
2. Formatted Harddisk (Fat32)......
 Anybody out ther with an Idea to fix it?
Thanks a lot in advance!



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