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Subject: Re: option clutter (was Re: 0505Build voice UI crash)
From: roland (
Date: 2004-05-07

> biggest disadvantage, imho. It's made from engineers for engineers, unlikely
> saw a usability lab.
doesn`t matter. i like options!
for those people who dislike rockbox because of too many options - i think
they should go and stick to their original archos firmware.


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From: "[IDC]Dragon" <>
To: <>; "Rockbox development" <>
Sent: Thursday, May 06, 2004 10:30 PM
Subject: option clutter (was Re: 0505Build voice UI crash)

> > An option is something you can choose to use or not, while letting others
> > do the same - or rather different. If an option doesn't suit you, just
> > don't use it, but please don't ask people to remove it just because YOU
> > don't use it.
> The most options would be an empty RAM, 8 million binary options to set.
> Programming means to reduce this.
> Seriously, if you don't use an option, it'll confuse you, or at least lets
> you lose the overview. The overwhelming number of options is Rockbox'
> biggest disadvantage, imho. It's made from engineers for engineers, unlikely
> saw a usability lab.
> Most options are in because for us weak developers it's often more easy to
> add just another option than to make a reasonable decision. We rather escape
> the responsibility.
> When I went through all the menu tree while doing the voice feature I
> coudn't believe
> a) what a lot of stuff is there, about which I can barely imagine that
> anybody will set those, and
> b) to how many levels you can set it (a simplification would be to just have
> a numeric value).
> Most of it I immediately forgot again, but I made a mental note about that
> one day I'd like to summarize it and start a discussion about a clearance.
> Some value-rich b) examples I just looked up again:
> - 18 different values for peak meter hold time, 25 for clip hold
> - 19 values for backlight timeout
> - 16 values for fast forward / rewind acceleration
> Probably quite often something like low/medium/high would be enough, imho.
> Examples for a) are harder to look up, I'm too lazy right now.
> Hope I haven't made myself too unpopular,
> Jörg
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