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Subject: Re[4]: Hard Disk Question

Re[4]: Hard Disk Question

From: RudiS <>
Date: Sat, 8 May 2004 17:09:53 +0200

Hallo roland,

Am Samstag, 8. Mai 2004 um 13:35 schrieben Sie:

r> hi!
r> i`m no mechanic - but - regarding the new 1.8" HDD models:

r> shouldn`t such HDDs be more robust than a 2.5" HDD in general ?
r> Less weight means less forces - so probably a tiny HDD is more
r> robust than a bigger HDD ?

This cannot be answered in generally, I think. The more tiny it is
maybe the more breakable is too, don't you think?

r> i don`t really know, but a quick comparison of datasheets tells
r> me, that regarding shock resistency , the 1.8" Models from hitachi even surpasses
r> that models with "The industry's highest operational shock rating
r> of up to 250Gs" (that is

r> 1.8" (C4K40) is rated 300G / 1,000-1,200G/1ms non-operating shock
r> (

r> so i would tell, it`s probably the better device for portable mp3 players - regarding
r> mechanical impact.

I cannot by a 1,8" harddisk here in northern Chile to test it, but I
would do it. But still I think, that my problem has to do a bit with
the altitude, because at sea level I cannot remember having a lot of
problems like here. And my friends harddisk player doesn't play at all
here, so there must be a relationship in some ways.

r> please don`t take this as an advice to buy an 1.8" model - i didn`t test mine in rough
r> environment yet - so i don`t know if it is resistent to RLD problem.

Sure I understand what you mean.
BTW: Is the 1,8" HD smaller in height only or in other dimensions too?
In the JB you have to fix it a bit better than the old one right?

Best Regards

r> regards
r> roland

r> ps:
>> into it and was blocking some of the push buttons. I was really
>> surprised about the bad soldering quality of that tiny machine. This I
r> I was even shocked! :D

r> ----- Original Message -----
r> From: "RudiS" <>
r> To: "Rockbox development" <>
r> Sent: Friday, May 07, 2004 4:43 PM
r> Subject: Re[2]: Hard Disk Question

>> Hi Linus,
>> So you mean, that is not the altitude, that effects my JB in that
>> way? Hm, I thought that is the altitude, because I have more "hangs"
>> if I climb up from 3800m to 4700m than the way down. But may be you
>> are right, because my JB is fixed in my 4x4 Truck and in Northern
>> Chile the roads are very rough and sandy ...
>> Ok, another harddrive, that's what I thought too, when I open up that
>> thread. Is there a good choice especially for my JB? I have
>> another 40GB Hitachi /IBM, but Hitachi isn't the right choice, or
>> depends on the model itself? Power consumption and switching on
>> current are important too, I guess.
>> So lets see, if the daily build improves a bit my situation, I report
>> it here for all of you guys.
>> Last week I had to open up my JB, because some tea has found it's way
>> into it and was blocking some of the push buttons. I was really
>> surprised about the bad soldering quality of that tiny machine. This I
>> could do it even better. The Label says "Made in China".... hm :-) But
>> that Archos hasn't got a good hand to choose that type of harddisk as
>> the standard one, surprised me even more. Did you guys changed all
>> your harddrives already?
>> Thanks Linus, for your help.
>> RudiS
>> Am Freitag, 7. Mai 2004 um 01:50 schrieben Sie:
>> LNF> RudiS wrote:
>> >> Sorry, couldn't answer much earlier,
>> >> Here the output from the disk debug menu:
>> >> -------------------------------------------
>> >> Model
>> >> HITACHI_DK23DA-20
>> LNF> This is your problem. You have a hard disk that is sensitive to shock,
>> LNF> and sometimes hangs for long periods (typically 30s-1min) when shaken.
>> LNF> This is known as the "Red LED Death", RLD, in the Rockbox community. I
>> LNF> have made some changes in the ATA driver in the daily builds that might
>> LNF> improve the situation, but it won't fix it 100%. You safest bet is to
>> LNF> get another hard drive.
>> LNF> Linus
>> LNF> _______________________________________________
>> LNF>
>> --
>> Mit freundlichen Grüssen
>> RudiS
>> _______________________________________________

r> _______________________________________________

Mit freundlichen Grüssen
Received on 2004-05-08

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