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Subject: Re: Can someone describe to me the exact procedure for ripping tapes? + option clutter

Re: Can someone describe to me the exact procedure for ripping tapes? + option clutter

From: Rocker <>
Date: Sat, 08 May 2004 12:04:48 -0600

That sounds like a great feature These recording time settings could also
be voice UI compatible?

Nice work!

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From: "David H. Straayer" <>
To: "Rockbox development" <>
Sent: Saturday, May 08, 2004 10:50 AM
Subject: RE: Can someone describe to me the exact procedure for ripping
tapes? + option clutter

How interesting that this question comes up shortly after the
discussion of option clutter.

I bought my recorderV2 especially for dubbing cassettes and old
LPs of plays. I just plug the cassette player "out" signal
directly into the Line In on the recorder, and it works fine.
When I'm dubbing a multi-tape audiobook, I record tape 1, side 1
alone, then use the 'double deck' to record pairs as t1s2+t2s1,
t2s2+t3s1, etc, so all of the pieces stay in correct order. The
recorder names the files by the date and time that the recording
started, so when I bring them into Windows, sorting by file name
ensures that they are in the right order.

There is one "glitch" in the Rockbox (and Archos, for that
matter) firmware with regard to recording: there is no way to
set the system to record for a specific amount of time and then
stop recording. I view that as a major omission when using the
Recorder to dub tapes and LPs.

So I downloaded an SDK and set about fixing it for myself. I
did, and I can share the results with you if you like.

It turned out to be quite easy to "hijack" the "split"
functionality to do what I wanted. It only took changes to
about 6 lines of source code to make the change. But in doing
so, I removed the "split" functionality from my build. No big
deal for me, as I never use it, but it makes my work unsuitable
for the shared version.

In order to make it suitable for widespread sharing, it would
require a bit more "option clutter", adding a user interface to
"split" or "record and stop". For my purposes, I'd just as soon
kill "split" and have just "record and stop", but I don't know
if anybody out there is actually using the "split" feature. By
the way, "split" enables the recorder to record continuously,
creating a new file at every "split" time. Given readily
available software like mp3DirectCut, I guess I don't really
see the point in "split".

But I do like to be able to start up a dubbing session and leave
it to stop on its own, without chewing up the entire hard disk
and creating a massive file to have to deal with later.

Ah... User interface. That is the rub. To add new features,
you have to add option clutter. Once somebody implements a
"feature", we can't remove it, no matter how strange it seems,
because somebody, somewhere, will have found a use for it.

Let me know if you want my "split once and stop" modification.

David H. Straayer
The Self-Appointed CD/MP3 Audiobook Gadfly

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[]On Behalf Of Ventzislav
Sent: Saturday, May 08, 2004 12:43 AM
Subject: Can someone describe to me the exact procedure for

I have a lot of music on tapes. I was wondering how exactly I
rip them to
MP3's. Do I connect them straight to the Jukebox and then record
them? Or
do I need a software and do it via my computer? I looked in the
FAQ and did
a search but I couldn't find anything



Received on 2004-05-08

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