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Subject: New Rockbox Goodies Now Online

New Rockbox Goodies Now Online

From: BlueChip <>
Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 06:55:30 +0100

Hi all,

Just me, Bluechip, bringing you MORE good news :)

Get your web browser and USB cable at the ready and prepare to step your
Jukebox up a notch.

I've finally got around to putting all my stuff to date on my homepage.

There's no pretty HTML for it yet - maybe when I next get bored, who can
tell :)

You will find the ==Windows32 Dev Kit== which is fine for all versions of
M$ Windoze - make sure you read the readme for fool-proof installation and
usage instructions.

The latest version of ==Othelo== is there with new Pass Rules, In-game
Animations, "Mini Demo" Intro, new AI player, etc. More AI is being
designed as you read, so watch this space.

There is a bigger "Maxi Demo" called ==*Starfield*==, based on the Othelo
"Mini Demo" code. This coding demo illustrates a ***FIVE layer paralax
scrolling starfield, ***two 'incidental' animations and ***a sine wave text
scroller flaunting ***a new 9x9 font ...which all run simultaneously. It
also includes a selection of ==new sprite based algorithms== for drawing
lines, boxes, sprites etc ...they all include view-port/screen clipping and
are generally more efficient than the core lcd routines.

==Klondike Solitaire== is up there, still in it's alpha state, but that
should pass faster now that I have re-written the core lcd functions. This
game was built originally as a demo for the ==Card Game Engine==
'Framework' ...which will be forthcoming at some point, but there is a
major change I want to make to the underlying principle of it, so I am
holding out before I go public.

I've put up the ==Win32Sim Patch== no longer applies (not even close)
but if anyone ever wants to pick up the work, it might make a good starting

The ==Audio 3587== "Enhanced Audio Control Panel" for JBR-1 JBR-2 and
JBR-FM, needs to be completed as a "plugin-only", but it requires new API
calls to be added to the Plugin API - so unless I can squeeze those changes
past them-who-control-what-is-and-isn't it will only ever be of any use to
people who can compile their own firmware.

Anyone who has ever compiled their own firmware will attest to
how simple it is; but I appreciate how a task like this can be daunting
to a newbie and/or non-programmer type. I'll propose the changes sometime
over the next few days and see how lucky we get. Cross your fingers.

__________ ______________
__________Now the $1Million Question______________
   "Where can I get all this new stuff for free?"
        ...and today's lucky answer is...

Although you will find lots of other fun stuff if you go straight to is (a) not Rockbox related and (b) there is no link (yet) from the
front-page to the =Rockbox Goodies= directory. So (for now) you will NEED
to use the first link to download the new Rockbox Plugins etc.

Also be warned the main =Cyborg Systems= web site is covered in subliminal
imagery and embedded commands/suggestions. Your sanity cannot be
guaranteed. Veiw the full site at your own risk.

Hope you enjoy all the new stuff. Feedback is always welcomed.

e P=CS
C i
h hCeu
i C l
pih eulB

Received on 2004-05-11

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