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Subject: RE: PLAY & RIGHT button patch_935682 - was: queue/insert with play button (party mode), patch 887081
Date: 2004-05-11

On Fri, 23 Apr 2004 at 16:00, Tim Elliott wrote:

> Is anyone still working on this? It still needs a few things to make it
> perfect imho.

I'll try to make some changes so it fits my needs perfectly, and maybe
someone elses needs as well :^)

> I'm still running with the patch but I had to set one of the keys to "play"
> because it took too long to insert a large playlist when selecting it from
> atop. Can't we have the default action to "play" for playlists when
> stopped? Someone may want to add a playlist to the currently playing
> dynamic playlist.

Don't quite follow you here - playlists should be handled the same way as
ordinary MP3's, or? Aren't they? In that case: oops... Will have a peek
at it again.

> Also, when over a folder/directory, I want to add the entire folder with
> "play" or go into it with "foreword". No additional quick manus.

When stopped I suppose... Can be done, but this affects other parts and
would require another option setting if the original behaviour should be
available as well. Or should we presume that if one sets the PLAY & RIGHT
buttons other than PLAY (the original setting) we want this folder
behaviour on the bag with it as well? I could live with that.

> Does this make sense?

For real.

(Puh, time to study for my motorbike license theory test tomorrow morning.)

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