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Subject: Re: Idea for new feature

Re: Idea for new feature

From: Will <>
Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 19:53:48 -0500

I've put a little thought into this in the past and had the idea of using
the last character of the comment line of the v1 ID3 tag to store the
weight. That way, you wouldn't need to store a list of songs and
weights. You could also then use a program like id3browse to produce
playlists of highly rated songs. However, I think that the ability to edit
ID3 tage is on the nodo list.


At 06:07 PM 5/11/2004 +0200, you wrote:
>For this feature to be implemented, you need to store in the rockbox
>playlist memory a weight for each song of the playlist.
>you can then modify dynamically the weights, and store them in the
>playlist file when you are done.
>picking a song in from a list with weights is rather cpu intensive when
>the list become huge...
>one (unoptimized) way could be:
>add all the weights of the list (everytime the weights are changed)
>pick a random number below the weight sum
>iterate the list by adding the weigths and when the random number is
>reached you have your song...
>the other problem is: when you vote for a song. how do you update the
>weights? do you just add a constant?
>so what is the initial value then?
>this could be done inside a plugin maybe?
>Andre Roessel wrote:
>>I have a 60 GB disk in my JBR20. That is such a huge amount of space that
>>you can get lost on the road while searching for stuff to play. It would
>>be nice to have a "Radio-
>>mode". That would be something like a virtual radio station where you can
>>vote for or against titles. At first, the whole disk is in the playlist.
>>You start playing in "Radio mode" and the JBR plays songs randomly. While
>>playing you can vote for or against the title being played by pressing
>>certain keys. Maybe there is an unused byte in the MP3-
>>header where we could store a corresponding value which determines the
>>possiblity of this song being played. The higher the value, the more
>>often this song should be played.
>>Another idea for "Radio mode" would be the random play of certain music
>>styles. For instance you could choose "Rock Radio" and only songs with
>>the ID3-tag for "Rock" would be played. Furthermore you could determine a
>>time range that would for instance create a "Station of the 80s" with
>>only songs from that area etc..
>>Any interest for such a feature?

Received on 2004-05-12

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