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Subject: Re: Repeated Remote Commands
Date: 2004-05-12

> Björn wrote:
> > > If you make your own remote you can add more codes that more
> accurately
> > > simulate the real buttons, by using separate press and release events.
> >
> > If I understand correctly, not w/o Rockbox modification, correct ?
> Correct. But if you're building your own remote, I'm guessing you're not
> squeamish about modifying the code either. :-)

In some private e-mails I was frequently asked about extending remote
commands. I'm not "inside" the Rockbox code, but I could imagine that it
should not be as difficult (having a receive routine and a general key
handler where I could "hang in" new codes "in parallel" to normal keys).

Another question is:

What else remote commands could be useful ?

I do have a JB Studio. The previously mentioned fast forward/backward
feature (as when you hold down previous/next), I do not really miss.
I mentioned that just to make the remote control 100% compatible t what the
JB offers.

For the Studio's I do not have any idea of further useful commands.

A friend of mine just bought a JBR (welcome to the club ;-)) and wants to
record form his car radio.

So for the JBR I could imagine a start/stop record maybe.

Anybody having ideas (please only USEFUL commands).



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