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Subject: Re: Very confused about models/Battery type
From: Roger Farrow (
Date: 2004-05-13

"Michael T. Kupietz, wearing a pointy hat" <> wrote in
message news:p0602040dbcc7657c4c41@[]...
> You know, a few months back in the archives, I found an email from someone
> who ordered a "Special Edition" from Amazon, and got a V2 in a box that
> said it included NiMH rechargeable batteries with a manual that said the
> same, but inside, obviously, the V2 only had an internal Li-Ion.

This is correct. I ordered and received a "Special Edition" JBR 20 from
a while back, and it came it in a box that specified 4x AA NiMH batteries.
Of course,
the V2 inside had a Li-Ion battery. The box was obviously a recycled V1 box
with an orange "Special Edition v2" sticker stuck on it. I can understand
many resellers, including Amazon, were confused by this. There were two
opaque white stickers that covered up other items pictured on the box. One
was a carrying
pouch (not included in the Special Edition), and the other, interestingly,
was a Windows/PC
compatibility mark.



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