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Subject: Re: 2 issues with my new JBR

Re: 2 issues with my new JBR

From: BlueChip <>
Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 03:13:08 +0100

aaarrghhhhhhh again.

This is not my night...

First off, sorry - the bit about the charge cycle - ignore me, I was being
stupid - connecting the mains is sufficient to start it charging ...but if
you connect the mains and THEN try to start the JBR, THEN you need to hold
the on button for a few seconds to get it to start.

Very sorry for the misinformation ...seems to be my word-for-the-day.

You've now got ME intrigued...

This "re-set settings" thingy this an Archos or a Rockbox thing?
It would be nice to get my unit to behave the same way as yours :)


>Hi BC,
>Thanks for that info, I did not know about tapping it and putting it into a
>charge cycle.
>I ran the re-set settings in the menu, and I did not think it worked, but
>after a couple of start-ups, it seems to have made a difference, and now it
>is more like 3 seconds, like my JBR-FM unit.
>Now if I can just fix the problem with Windows not offering a "safely remove
>storage device" in the system tray.
>If I had my FM unit here, I would try it, but it is at the office now.
>But it seems to me that the last time I plugged in the FM unit here, I was
>able to safely remove it.
>----- Original Message -----
>From: "BlueChip" <>
>To: "Glenn Ervin at Home" <>; "Rockbox development"
>Sent: Thursday, May 13, 2004 8:54 PM
>Subject: Re: 2 issues with my new JBR
>Argh! I forgot you are blind!
>Right... Let me try that again.
>I cannot speak for the FM, but with the JBR, the disk does not spin up for
>about 9 seconds, but be assured that tapping the ON button DID work. In
>fact just testing now, I notice that the screen does not even switch on for
>about 4 seconds, but (fwiw) the two little LEDs at the top of the unit
>light up immediately.
>When the mains is connected, you need to keep holding the ON button until
>you hear/feel the disk spin up or you see the third little blob on the
>screen. Tapping ON when mains is connected will put the unit into charge.
>Hopefully that's more helpful.
> >Thanks BC, and everyone else.
> >This is always occurring, i.e., the slow to power on, with the battery, and
> >since I am comparing it to the FM unit, I would think there would be no
> >noticeable difference between the two. A tap does not do it, it is
> >more like 8 or 9 seconds before I even hear the HD start up, and my FM unit
> >takes about 2 or 3 seconds to do the same.
> >Glenn
> >----- Original Message -----
> >From: "BlueChip" <>
> >To: "Glenn Ervin at Home" <>; "Rockbox development"
> ><>
> >Sent: Thursday, May 13, 2004 8:30 PM
> >Subject: Re: 2 issues with my new JBR
> >
> >
> >At 01:25 14/05/04, you wrote:
> > >I am experiencing 2 things with this new JBR-20, which I never
> > >with my JBR-FM-20.
> > >1.
> > >I have to hold down the ON key for about 6 or 8 seconds before it will
> > >boot up. I have never flashed either unit, so I know it is not that, and
> > >only have to hold down the ON button on my FM unit for about 3 seconds
> > >before I let go and it starts booting.
> >
> >This is most likely because it is mains powered at the time you switch it
> >on,
> >you need to "tap" the button when it is battery powered only.
> >
> > >2.
> > >When I plug it into my computer, I can find it as the same drive as the
> > >unit was when it was plugged in, but I cannot find it in the system tray
> > >(Safely remove hardware). So I just unplug it, and usually I don't get a
> > >GPF, but once in a while, I do.
> > >Could it be that the JBR-20, which is a V2, uses a different storage
> > >driver than my FM?
> >
> >afiak the two have identical chips, so windows SHOULDN'T care which is
> >plugged - but I would certainly blame the windows driver for this problem,
> >not the device.
> >
> >I have heard of a selection of windows drivers for the hitachi chip - it
> >may be worth trying another - but I can be of no help as to where to obtain
> >these drivers, fwiw I *did* read the info on this mailing list though.
> >
> > >Thanks in advance for any ideas, I am using windows98, & USB 1.1.
> > >Glenn N0YJV
> >
> >BLuechIP
> >
> >_______________________________________________
> >
> >
> >_______________________________________________
> >

Received on 2004-05-14

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