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Subject: RE: New Atmel remote control available
Date: 2004-05-17

Hi everybody:

Just joking now:

How do make somebody like me (private, no company) publish such things ?

Just order an amount of round about 1000 (or even more) units and you'll
blow my "production capacity" - I'll then try to get rid of all that solder
work ;-))))



PS: No intend to offend anybody!

> Sophana wrote:
> > too bad your cdc emu is not open source...
> > mine will be. :-p
> According to the FAQ on his VAG CD changer emulator, Matthias Klumpp spent
> "nearly 3/4 year" decoding the protocol using appropriate test equipment.
> It seems reasonable to me that he would want some kind of financial return
> for all of his hard work. I sure hope that you stick with Sony CDC
> emulation and don't release a VAG CD changer emulator that costs Matthias
> sales.
> Regards,
> Fred Maxwell

Sent by: Matthias Klumpp
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