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Subject: Re: Recorded voicefont file available (alpha)
From: BlueChip (
Date: 2004-05-17

>It's a fair amount of work, but being partially sighted, I was very
>pleased to see Rockbox making the JB blind accessible, and I wanted to add
>something to that effort. If someone has a soundcard with a low noise mic
>line that they'd be willing to donate, I'd be willing to do it again -
>it's a few hours work, but as you say, it's a nice luxury.
> > The sound is hissing pretty bad (sorry to say), I personally woudn't
> > use it.
>I tried Audacity's built in noise removal facilities, but they made my
>voice sound really weird and tinny. If anyone knows of a free tool with
>better noise removal, please let me know. Of course the correct solution
>is to get a better recording in the first place.
>It seemed bearable to me listening on the PC, but people have different
>standards, and it probably sounds different on the JB itself.

I understand the Sonic Foundry's "Noise Removal" is the best - and I've had
a lot of success with it myself. I thought I'd see if I could do a clean
up job for you, but I've got at least one problem with that...

The first problem is ...what format is a .voice file - how do I load it
into a sound editor?

The second, I can only guess may exist, is that I would need a sample of
background noise - this is normally obtained at the start or end of a
recording, ie. a second or so just before or after you speak.

I'd be more than happy to give it a shot, as the Noise Removal s/w is not
free (not by a long shot.) But obvisouly I can only promise you my time,
and not guarantee good results.

Let me know,



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