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Subject: Re: rockbox fun - the "audiosette" making archos act as a datasette

Re: rockbox fun - the "audiosette" making archos act as a datasette

From: Mat Holton <>
Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 16:53:52 +0100

Now this would be cool. I'd have to dig out my C64 even though it has strange graphical
bugs in it now.
Yeah and maybe do the same with spectrum .tap files too.
Then build a time machine and go back into the past and amaze all with spectrum and C64's
by telling them you have every spectrum and C64 game on this small device in your hand.
Mind you, they would probably be more amazed with your time machine.
Any chance of building a Time Machine into Rockbox, Jörg?
It doesn't need to have a fancy interface, just a method to enter your destination time
and then perhaps use the Play button to start travelling.
Do you think we would need a flux-capacitor?
Or am I being silly?

-----Original Message-----From: [IDC]Dragon <>To: Rockbox development <>Sent: 24/05/2004 16:30Subject: Re: rockbox fun - the "audiosette" making archos act as a datasette> now i wonder: could there be a plugin for rockbox, doing that "PRG to

> Audio Conversion" on the fly - i.e. to "play a PRG File" - so

> pushing the "play button" on your archos is just like "press play on tape"

> ?

I think so, yes. A plugin has access to the playback, it can pump data which

has been prepared (see the metronome, chip8 or video plugin) or synthesized

on-the-fly (less feasible).

One way:

If the bitrate of this audio signal can be matched to mpeg frames, in a way

that a small integer amount of bits fall within a frame (384 samples for

layer 1, 1152 samples for layer 2+3), you could prepare frames for all the

combinations if it fits in the mp3 buffer and play them in an order defined

by the binary data.

Another way:

Generate mpeg-data on the fly and pump that, but you'd need a very

quick(-and-dirty?) kind of encoder.

A third way:

attach a little microcontroller to the remote pin (for physical

interfacing), and pretend to be the floppy rather than the datasette. A

counterpart plugin could maybe emulate the disk drive, accessing disk



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