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Subject: Re: Change tempo of a song without changing pitch
From: BlueChip (
Date: 2004-05-29

The only way you can achieve this real-time is by finding or obtaining the full
programming documentation for the Micronas MAS3587F DSP (Audio-DAC)

I have heard that this was possible with a.n.other player with the same
chip as us
but I never did get around to seeing if it is possible for us to hack the
code out
of that player and put it in ours.

The documents exist - if you find them, please let me know ...I endeavoured to
obtain these docs a long time ago, we got damn close, but never actually struck
the gold mine.

Impossible is a word I hate, but "unlikely, without the missing docs" would
be fair.


>Question: is it possible to change tempo of a song without changing pitch?
>in the "FAQ - Features We Will Not Implement" there is the sentence:
>12. Change tempo of a song without changing pitch!
>The MP3 decoding hardware does now allow this.
>how can i do this?


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