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Subject: NoDo is a Do (Re: Change tempo of a song without changing pitch)
From: [IDC]Dragon (
Date: 2004-05-29

> Question: is it possible to change tempo of a song without changing pitch?
> in the "FAQ - Features We Will Not Implement" there is the sentence:
> 12. Change tempo of a song without changing pitch!
> The MP3 decoding hardware does now allow this.
> how can i do this?

I've learned that this nodo dosn't necessarily hold true.
You can do this by manipulating the mp3 data on the fly. Our CPU should have
enough resources to do so.

The grandfather of our beloved boxes is the Oscar project (german, sorry):
It's using the same CPU and MAS 3507 (Archos licensed the design to make a
portable player), is offering that feature.
(Side note: We could probably port Rockbox to it, but this player already
has a reasonable software, I think.)

We haven't yet exploited mp3 data filtering, like we have no audible FF/FR


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