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Subject: Re: Firmware for AV300 Series
From: Glenn Ervin at Home (
Date: 2004-05-29

What is aVOS?
Is that better firmware for the video models of the Archos products?
If so, I would be interested in having the speech menus implemented here
too, as I just bought my wife a 20 GB multi-media unit, and if I ever need
to use it, I would like to have the same kind of access.

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From: "Matt Evans" <>
To: "'Rockbox development'" <>
Sent: Saturday, May 29, 2004 11:13 AM
Subject: Re: Firmware for AV300 Series

Eric Linenberg wrote:
> Dogger and some others have put in some incredibe effort with avOS.
> It is much less immature than rockbox, but look where rockbox was a
> year or two ago!

Avos primary aim is to port Linux to the AV/MM units. I hope to use the
hardware information gathered by the Avos team to make Rockbox run on these
players. For this purpose, I have bought an AV340.

Everyone who is interested in helping is invited.



Is there any update on when a version of Rockbox might be available for the AV300 series?

2004 :o) 2005 :o() 2006 :o( !!!

Just trying to decide if/when to buy an AV340 and I assume I will be much happier if it runs rockbox. Can't believe what a differenec rockbox has made to my jbr!!

Keep up the good work.





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