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Subject: Re: HD Error...My baby won't boot!
From: sophana (
Date: 2004-06-02

BlueChip wrote:

>>> It's worse than I thought. I couldn't back up my files, because
>>> there were
>>> errors all over the place. So I did a complete reformat, knowing
>>> that all
>>> data would be lost. Since it was all CDs I own, I can replace it.
>>> ANYWAY..even after I have erased everything on the hard drive and have
>>> completely reformatted, I still cannot get my unit to boot up. I
>>> get the
>>> "Jukebox Ver: 5.08", then a quick HD Error, then a flicker and a
>>> shut down.
>>> I guess the hard drive is worse off than I thought. Any
>>> suggestions, other
>>> than warm up my credit card?
>> yes remove the hard drive and insert it in a laptop then do a low
>> level format with approriate dos tools (like ultimate boot cd), it
>> worked for me several times.
> For low level formatting you would be wise to obtain the low level
> formatter which is supplied by the people who manufactured your drive
> and is sepcificially designed for your drive. A failed LL_Format is
> unrecoverable - be careful.
> _______________________________________________
I found no toshiba specific tool.
most other vendor tools do work or will refuse to launch if they don't
detect their own disks.


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