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Subject: RE: wiring a car radio

RE: wiring a car radio

From: Gary <>
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2004 13:39:40 -0700 (PDT)

great info. You are giving tech retards like myself hope everyday.


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From: BlueChip <>
Sent: Jun 7, 2004 3:10 PM
To: Rockbox development <>
Subject: RE: wiring a car radio

I've just added a line-in to my old 80's "ghetto blaster"/"brixton
brief-case"/"portable hi-fi" ("portable" LMAO)/whatever those things are
actually called.

Annyyway... I had planned to identify the chip labelled "op-amp" (or some
equivalent string of weird numbers-and-letters that means "op-amp") and tap
into its input legs.

However, once I opened it, I noticed the CD player was on a seperate board:
wires to LCD; wires to front-buttons; wires to power; ...and three wires to
the main-board - Hmmm, me thinks, left/right/ground??
# I unplugged this 3-wire connector from the CD board;
# Checked that there was no power travelling down the wires TO the CD
   (just in case I was wrong)
# Attached a mic to the black and red wires
   # actually, it was a speaker, but we all know you can use a speaker
     as a really crap mic
   # and actually, I didn't attach it, I got my mate to sit and hold the
     wires on for me
   # annnddd the wires weren't red & black, but two of them (when touched)
     caused the amp to buzz ...and one didn't. So I guessed the 'un-buzzing'
     one was earth, and was correct; but if not, I would have been right
     second time due to the laws of math - and no harm done.
# put the unit in CD mode
# turn up the volume real loud (cos I used the "crap mic"/"speaker" method)
# spoke into the mic (shouted at the speaker)

woo-hoo ...amplified sound :)

So there is now a little switch which redirects these wires [from the
mainboard] to either (a) the original CD socket, or (b) a pair of phono
sockets I mounted on the back (in the wrong place, then removed them and
mounted them in the right place)

Just some more ideas to throw in the pot.


>How would you do that?
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>From: []
>On Behalf Of dennis barton
>Sent: Monday, June 07, 2004 1:36 PM
>To: Rockbox development
>Subject: Re: wiring a car radio
>At 6/6/2004 09:33 a, you wrote:
> >Hi,
> >Has anyone tried to wire a jack inlet on a car radio so as to be able
> >connect a Jukebox on it rather than use an FM transmitter or a
> >If so, could you please share your knowledge?
> >thanks,
> >JMP
> >_______________________________________________
> >
>If it has a manual volume knob, you can usually tap the audio circuit


Received on 2004-06-07

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