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Subject: "-._.-" Audio_3587 - Public Release "-._.-"

"-._.-" Audio_3587 - Public Release "-._.-"

From: BlueChip <>
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 2004 08:56:10 +0100

cc: "rockbox development" <>
cc: A copy of this email has been posted on the Cyborg Systems web site.

Hey everybody,

Me here, BlueChip ...And today it is also my great honour and pleasure to
bring to you news of "Audio_3587"

Today sees the launch of the first public beta <fireworks & fanfare music>

What is a "public beta"? In this case it means, it works, it is stable,
it has been tested by an elite few AND it is still open for you to have
some input before the the feature-set and interface is finalised.

Before I go any further I would like to thank all those who have helped
make this dream become a reality: All those who "voted" in my volume
quiz DID make a significant difference. To Kaboofa, midk, goyschak
and Scott666 for their help with early beta testing. And to the various
developers who have helped me past some coding issues, I think LinusN
deserves the most credit there :)

Audio_3587 is a FULL interface to the Micronas MAS 3587 system registers.

Actually, that's a slight lie, I have discovered a set of registers that
will allow us to use the Jukebox as a full Karaoke Mixer WHILE stripping
the voices from most mp3's - but due to plugin restictions (lack of RAM)
this will be presented as a seperate plugin at a future date.

When you start using Audio_3587, you will have the chance to get a sound
quality from your Jukebox Recorder that was previously impossible.
The interface is attractive in design, icon or text driven; and Full Speech
has been maintained throughout, in continued support of our ever growing
number of blind community members.

The FULL documentation is not yet finished, but there has been quite some
demand on me to get this released. Be assured comprehensive documentation
is on it's way.

You can download everything you need from:
Full installation instruction for the beta release are at the end of this

   === AUDIO 3587 === AUDIO 3587 === AUDIO 3587 === AUDIO 3587 ===

The following is a comprehensive (I think) list of NEW features that
are now available for users of Audio_3587. *NO* features were removed in
the making of this plugin.

# All options (excluding Geek-mode Advanced Register Configuration)
   are available on a single screen. No, "in&out" menu driven system.
# Each value (Volume, Balance, etc) is displayed on a single
   line. These lines may be moved to any order desired in realtime and
   are stored for future use.
# Online help is availble with ON+F1
   **This has been limited due to memory restrictions :(
# You may save your current settings at any time with ON+F2
# The backlight may be switched on/off with ON+F3.
   Like the Cyborg Systems games ...The backlight will return to
   normal (timer) mode when you exit Audio_3587.
# A file with the new .vol file extension may be played to quickly
   change between settings. By example: Walkman, In-Car, Classical,
   Pop, Spoken Word, etc. ...It is planned that this will expand in
   to a per-directory/playlist/genre/file volume control if the demand
# Rockbox causes a loud POP/BANG from the amplifier/headphones, this can be
   quite harmaful to delicate equipment.
   This is fixed when you start using Audio_3587

# Volume in User Mode displays as a %, but uses a non-linear
   scaling algorithm to allow fine adjustments in the listening range;
   based on a [the recent] survey of Rockbox users.
# Volume in Geek Mode displays in dB and is accurate to 1dB at
   ALL ranges.
# Volume bar indicates when LINE-OUT is available fmr the headphone
# Volume icon will flash if there is a risk of digital clipping which
   can be resolved by lowering the volume.

# Auto-Volume-Control now allows for a 20mS option - works well
   on spoken word.

# Balance in User Mode displays as %, but uses a non-linear scale
   to allow fine adjustments in the listening range.
# Balance in Geek Mode displays in dB and is accurate to 1dB at
   ALL ranges

# New Stereo Seperation modes: 3-Speaker-Mono; Mono-Loud; Custom
   In addition to the old: Mono; Mono-Left; Mono-Right; Stereo;
   Stereo-Narrow; Stereo-Wide
# Custom Stereo Seperation (CSS) mode allows you to specify any one
   of the other 2^80(ish) Stereo Seperation modes available, and save
   any that you like as your own custom setting.
# CSS mode will let you listen to your changes in realtime.
# The CSS interface is a full "GUI" (icons'n'stuff)
# The CSS screen will work in either DECimal or HEX mode. HEX mode
   allows the greatest degree of accurracy; while DECimal mode is
   probably easier to read for the most part.
# CSS mode allows full waveform inversion for all channels.

# Bass & Treble now offer values accurate to 1/8th (.125) dB
# Bass & Treble icons will flash if there is a risk of digital clipping
   which can be resolved by lowering the Bass or Treble.

# Loudness now offers values accurate to 1/4 (.25) dB
# Loudness can be configured with a centre frequency of either 1KHz
   or 2KHz to suit the response curve of your amplifier, headphones or
# Loudness icon will flash if there is a risk of digital clipping which
   can be resolved by lowering the loudness.

# Bass Boost allows settings to an accuracy of 5% in User Mode
# Bass Boost allows you to sepcify the cutoff frequency for your
   headphones/speakers for a cleaner bass response.
# Bass Boost has a full Custom Mode. Like the Custom Stereo
   Seperation screen, this also has a full GUI interface.
# Custom Bass Boost mode shows a approximation of the response graph
   _and_ allows you to preview the results of your changes in real time.

I must say that the Micronas Dynamic Bass Booster is by far the most
impressive feature of this new interface, second place is awarded to
moving the loudness centre frequency - My personal listening pleasure
has more than doubled since I configured the chip to output the something
that my headphones (and my ears) like.


How to start using Audio_3587 today.

Please remember this is a PUBLIC BETA ...this is NOT at official release yet.
Once the release is made official, the installation procedure will become
far simpler. My long term aim is that it will only require the
Audio_3587.rock file, but that requires certain core code changes. this space :)


Because of it's nature Audio_3587 requires both new firmware AND a plugin.

Go to the Cyborg Systems Rockbox Page:
where you will need to download THREE files

file 1. The Plugin ...choose ICON or TEXT
         (I personally think the icon one is MUCH sexier)
file 2. Updated firmware ...choose JBR-V1, JBR-v2, JBR-FM
file 3. The documentation

** Read on AFTER you have got the files,
** the instructions will make more sense

file 1
If you chose the TEXT plugin you MUST rename it to "Audio_3587.rock"
If you chose the ICON plugin, the filename is already correct.

Place the plugin ("Audio_3587.rock") on your jukebox in the directory

file 2
If you are unsure which Jukebox Recorder you own, scroll down the web page a
bit where you will find an identity chart.

Rename your chosen firmware to "ajbrec.ajz" and place it in the root (main)
directory of your juebox.

file 3
The interface is very comprehensive, you would be at a great advantage to
get the best sound from your Jukebox if you give the documentation a quick
* It is currently incomplete, it will NOT stay that way!

These are some of the most important keys:
F3 - Current value to default
F2 - Reset Audio_3587 (will ask yes/no)
ON+F1 - Help
ON+F2 - Save Settings
PLAY - Generally toggles Geek Mode on/off
ON+LEFT/RIGHT - Advanced adjustments
ON+UP/DOWN - Reorganise main screen layout


I am ALWAYS interested in feedback, your comments will all be given serious

If you like what you see, post something nice about me and I am sure that
you will enthuse me to get my other projects running faster.

Current ideas are:
   Realtime Pseudo-Stereo Mixing.
   Maze Game (mostly written, but at the moment it is JUST "solve the maze"
:( )
   New Graphics Lib release.
   Card Game Engine release (needs some tidying before I will release it.)
   Finish the Klondike End-Game graphics with the new bc_gfx library.
   "Karaoke Machine" mode, including cdg support.

e P=CS
C i
h hCeu
i C l
pih eulB

Received on 2004-06-08

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