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Subject: Re: Othello : Legal issues

Re: Othello : Legal issues

From: BlueChip <>
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2004 02:33:05 +0100

"some of the most innovative work to come along in a LONG time"

John, those are BIG words - I am flattered that my code is rewarded with
such eloquence.

Thank You :D

It is moments like this that make ALL of it 100% worth the effort.

<feeling quite chuffed with himself>,


At 02:03 09/06/04, you wrote:
>On Wed, 9 Jun 2004 00:23:03 +0200, Björn Stenberg <> wrote:
> >Neon John wrote:
> >> This is control-freakism out of control. Totally out of control.
> >
> >Far from it. Many projects require all contributors to sign release
> papers and fax copies of passports, or even do physical IRL identity
> checks (such as in Debian).
>OK, I take that back. You're not quite totally out of control. THAT is out
>of control control-freakism. It's also the perfect prescription to cause
>something good to melt into an inbred, more and more irrelevant product. Oh
>wait, that pretty much describes Debian, eh?
> >
> >All we are doing is rejecting anonymous contributions. If that makes us
> control freaks in your eyes, so be it.
>There's an old saying that goes "those with the least authority wield it the
>most vigorously." Perfect description of this situation.
>Tell me how you're rejecting anonymous contributions. Tell me how you know
>that I'm not BlueChip? Or he I? You don't. All you're doing is excluding
>from Rockbox some of the most innovative work to come along in a LONG time
>just because you can't have your way. Maybe you can't understand our
>(American) rebellious nature (assuming that you're sure we're even in America)
>given the highly structured nature of your society but you ought to try.
>I've spent a bit of my career working as an expert in legal matters. I've
>been around lawyers enough to understand how they think. Believe what you
>will, but your little exercise in "protection" would be breached in the first
>5 minutes of deposition. In fact, you'd find yourself worse off (the due
>diligence issue) than if you did nothing.
>It is incredibly coincidental that this would come up now. I've been thinking
>for some time that it is time for "neon John" and "John De Armond" to
>disappear from the net. Too many hassles and too much spam from being widely
>known on the net. When these names disappear and I come back up with an
>alias, absolutely no one will know what the connection is. If and when I
>contribute code to Rockbox, that will include you. You'll have a text string
>to fit into that rigid little mental slot but it will be meaningless.
>The tragic thing is, you're forcing a fork in the product for no valid reason
>at all. I have dreaded seeing Rockbox fork, as most freeware eventually does.
>I could not have imagined it would be over something as silly and meaningless
>as this.
>John De Armond
>Cleveland, Occupied TN

Received on 2004-06-09

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