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Subject: RE: new user questions

RE: new user questions

From: Rick Alfaro <>
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 14:46:34 -0400


Someone has answered most of your questions already, but I can add a bit to
help. I am also blind and am thoroughly enjoying the voice navigation.
These guys have done some awesome stuff.

Anyhow, the battery level is announced in terms of a percentage remaining.
Assuming you have the V1 20gm recorder model, press f1 to bring up the
talking menu system, then hit down until you get to "info" and hit either
select or play. This will bring you into a sub menu. Navigate to "RockBox
info" and hit select or play. You will then hear RockBox tell you the
percentage of battery remaining, the amount of free space on the hard drive,
and the time and date. If at first you don't get the batter information,
wait a minute or 2 and try it again. It seems that RockBox takes a little
while to ascertain the correct battery status, so don't be concerned if you
don't get it on the first attempt. This only seems to be the case if you
have just powered on your unit. Once you get the info you want, you can
escape back to the menus by tapping off.

Regarding the batteries, changing them is not difficult at all if you have
the same model I have which is the 20gb Jukebox Recorder with USB 2.0
support. I'm not sure if I can explain the procedure in words, and I would
hate to not explain it properly, but perhaps if you have someone sighted
handy, they should be able to see where the battery covers easily come off.
There are actually instructions for doing this in the manual I believe that
will help someone sighted to do it the first time. Once they have done it,
have them show you how simple it really is.

It has been suggested in the past that the posts and terminals that hold
these batteries in place can sometimes be somewhat delicate or easily worn
somehow, so personally, I would put those 2300mah cells in there, learn how
to make the change yourself, then leave them alone until they are either
cycled out, or some substantially higher capacity cells come on the market.

Hope this helps somewhat.

Best regards,
Rick Alfaro

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From: [] On
Behalf Of rinty
Sent: Wednesday, June 09, 2004 1:23 PM
Subject: new user questions

Hi all, I'm a new user of the rockbox software, and it's certainly made a
difference to me, thanks to everyone who helped develop it. I'm totally
blind, and have it talking, so I get the menus and directories spoken. I
now have an accessible MP3 player, thanks!!!.

I've a few suggestions for future releases, and a few questions. Again,
thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to reply.

1. would it be possible to add an option to completely disable the display,
whilst retaining the speech? if we could, for those of us who can't see the
display anyway, the batteries would last longer. I don't know how much
difference it would actually make, and clearly that's got to be a
consideration before investing the time in developing the software,

2. I don't know about other blind users, but for me, an option to have the
keys speak what they do when pressed would be helpful. The thing is that
this would need to change depending on the mode that the rockbox is in, I.E.
in the menus the small centre key is the "select" or "enter" whereas when in
the file navigation mode, the function is slightly different.

3. Is it OK to change the batteries in the archos for some higher rated
ones? although this option is available in the system menu, I'm wondering if
the charger unit would charge them. If not, it's probably not worth doing,
as I understand that taking the batteries out isn't particularly easy. I've
not looked at the options in detail, I've only just got my unit, however
I've got some 2300MAH batteries, which presumably would increase the playing
time of my archos by upwards of 50%. I also wondered if it was possible to
have the state of the batteries spoken, I.E. how much charge is left in

Finally, At the moment, I appear only to be able to get the archos either to
spell filenames, or to say "file1" etc. A friend told me that it is
possible to get the archos to speak the filenames as words using rockbox,
however he didn't know how to do it. Could someone help me out with this?
I'm not a computer expert: I had to get someone
to install the software for me. I've got my unit to help me to
record lectures and from the radio, and to play music books and lectures, I
very much doubt that I'll ever become a developer.

Thanks again for all your work, and thanks for any answers.

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