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Subject: Re: Flashing Recorder V2...
From: [IDC]Dragon (
Date: 2004-06-09

> I did got the from Joerg an successfuly flashed my Recorder
> V2
> with the 2.2 Version of RockBox.
> I than took the daily build - which run's fine...did a descramble of the
> ajbrec.ajz file and did a uclpack afterwards (as described in the Flash
> FAQ).

This is the (outdated) developer way. As a user, you can just use the .ucl
file which is contained in the daily build. (.rockbox directory)

> I then played the rockbox.ucl file and it flashed the Recorder V2 again...
> Well, this was the last time, my Archos was alive. After rebooting it only
> spinned up the drive and the green LED was on...nothing display,
> no reaction on keypressed...

Don't panic, read the docs once again and hold F1 while powering up. We have
2 firmwares in flash, one for your backup.

> Well, and most interesting...what did I wrong and how to prevent this for
> the next time?!

I don't know what you did, but this can happen and you can recover from it.
Start with F1+On for now, update all the files to be a daily build. Start
again, play the .ucl to flash the better and you'll be fine.


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