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Subject: Legal Allegations Quelled (was: making plugins work)

Legal Allegations Quelled (was: making plugins work)

From: BlueChip <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 10:53:29 +0100

> > I would love to see the doors of Rockbox fly open so that plugins, like
> > mine, can run freely.
>Me too. But from our discussion, it was clear that there are several
>outstanding issues with your plugin and the way it works, that we cannot
>accept into the core. I hope those get sorted out.
>Since a while you are not even providing the source code to your patches (both
>the Audio 3587 and the Klondike one), making it completely impossible for
>anyone to even consider building them for themselves. This is not only a
>license violation in each case, it also makes it harder for concerned people
>to figure out what changes you suggest/require/wish to see.

I'm starting to grow weary over the false allegations of "GPL license
violation" - I can't wait to read what mud you sling next - and as you're
making it up as you go along now, it could be ANYthing :)

You know for a fact that your comment about the Audio_3587 source code is
erroneous. I even sent you a direct link to the "core changes document" in
the "Source'n'Stuff" directory and suggested you read it!

except from irc session
[08:06] <Bagder> anyway
[08:07] <Bagder> I'm pessimistic
[08:08] <BlueChip> be an optimist today, someone you thought was a prat, is
trying his best to make sure we remain friends
[08:11] <Bagder> I appreciate that
[08:13] <BlueChip> did you read this'n'Stuff/Audio_3587.patch.txt


...please ensure you have your facts straight before making false legal

As for "concerned people" ...You have stated that you cannot and will not
look at my source for fear of tainting ...of course to keep the project
clean, you will have to impose this on everybody ...such that anyone who
looks at my code is tainted, and can no longer submit to Rockbox ...which
means that nobody can look at the code that you are so ferverently fighting
to look at, and anyone who does look at it cannot then go on to effect the
core code. A paradox ...or at least a dead cat in a box.

As for the Klondike code, irrespective of it being on my site, a) anybody
looking at it is in for a wasted ride it's all about to change VERY
drastically, hence it's "alpha" status; and b) it doesn't require any core
code changes - so your point is lost doubly.

Anyway, I am sure that this attack is not personal, I am sure you intend to
publicly persecute everybody who who appears to fall into the category you
have clearly defined - it would look very childish if it became apparent
that this is just a personal vendetta over something totally unrelated.

Attack who you wish - I just think you would be happier spending that time
in a resteraunt with a beautiful woman. Dude, Chill! I'm not worth a
heart attack that this type of stress can lead to.

Regarding "outstanding issues ... we cannot accept into the core."

I thought we agreed yesterday on how to implement generic changes which
would enable Audio_3587 to run on native Rockbox whilst at the same time
ensuring those same changes are of wider benefit to all - such as generic
speech support for plugins. If there is anything you feel was not entirely
resolved and you believe I can help, please ask :)

I hope that's everything concluded now. When you are ready, feel free
to accept my metaphorical hand in friendship only as quickly as you wish
to gain a feeling of optimism about this situation.


Received on 2004-06-10

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