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Subject: RE: Legal issues, names, privacy, and pseudonyms
From: Stuart Tedford (
Date: 2004-06-10

> > > "Othelo is another matter, I wouldn't include it with RockBox."
> > >
> > > I gotta ask ...why?
> > >
> >Because it isn't worth the legal risk.
> >
> WHAT legal risk?
> Is it the fact that the name is similar to the Mattel(tm) name?
> Is it that the game follows the same ruleset as Microsoft(tm) Reversi?
> Is it that the graphics are reminiscent of somethng you would
> have expected
> to see on the ZX81(tm) version?
> I am genuinely intrigued to know - we don't have to debate the finer
> legal-ese of it, I'm just fascinated as to what it is that I
> seem to have
> missed.
The fact that you can come up with several risk scenarios above proves that
there is a risk - however unlikely it may be.

I don't beleive that any game is worth such a risk on an mp3 player with a
tiny screen and awkward buttons. If I want to play games I have many other
options at my disposal. It is far more important to me that RockBox
continues to be a well maintained open source mp3 player project.

I was really just using othelo as an example, making a distinction between
the Audio_3587 code you did, and games in general.



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