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Subject: Re: Legal Allegations Quelled (was: making plugins work)
From: BlueChip (
Date: 2004-06-10

> > as none of my code can be included in Rockbox, I can only offer you moral
> > support

And of course things like the Windows Developer DevKit which is great for
the newcomer as it doesn't require any interaction with the god-awful
cygwin installer. So "newbies" can get up to speed almost immediately.

>We can get lots of help in these areas without source code being involved at
>all. The answers to the problems on how to make speach and languages work for
>plugins are better produced in plain english in a mail, than source code.

1. Make lang.h readily available to the plugins, probably via plugin.h
    You may need to add a similar version control system as the plugins
    Personally I wouldn't bother, as if you DO change the lang file(s) you
    risk killing all .voice files that exist.
2. Add the talk() functions to the plugin api
    May I also suggest making shutup() public or creating a clever macro to
    emulate it as I did.

Audio_3587 will redirect the speech to the debug console when compiled in
sim mode, this is probably better done in the talk() functions.




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