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Subject: Re: Scripting language

Re: Scripting language

From: BlueChip <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 02:57:16 +0100

At 12:55 10/06/04, you wrote:
>BlueChip wrote:
>>>Yeah, a scripting language inside rockbox! I like the idea.
>>>Maybe there exist some freeware language which is light enough to go
>>>inside rockbox?
>>>The lightness might be the problem, don't you think?
>>I discussed this with a friend at length last night, he mentioned a basic
>>interpreter was built in 1K of C in a competition at ioccc a few years
>>back, that leaves 31K for a cute plugin interface, or you could include
>>it in the core, as you prefer.
>Is it open sourced? I would be glad to have a look at it. Maybe
>sourceforge has some related projects ?

If my mate is correct it won/was an entry at

>>Either way I have some snazzy ideas for it, unless one of the Rockbox
>>guys beats me to it. The dilemma is that to create a full event driven
>>interface (when a song starts <x>; when a menu displays (y), when the
>>machine boots <z>) would require hooks all over the core code - and that
>>bit is out of my hands now :(
>The scripting language should be in the rockbox core as a simple library
>call. (for the autostart it would be better...)

If we can get it small enough I tend to agree, but particularly at startup
it makes little odds as the disk is already spinning and that is the only
real delay. Maybe it could be tsr in plugin space? reloaded when the a
real plugin exits, given that I suspect event handling would have to be
disabled during plugin execution anyway.

>But appart from the autostart what other applications can we imagine?

When a song starts load this config file.
When sound menu is selected, run the enhanced options instead of the
standard ones.
And things like read-dir-name could handled this way too, although "if it
ain't broke don't fix it".

>Plugins could be written directly in the script language?

If it were powerful enough, yes.
I imagine something a little like basic would be perfect for this type of

>That would be cool don't you think?

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss :)

>If you give access to the directory and files structure and the id3, we
>can imagine lots of applications. Maybe replace the actual wps and tree

Now you're getting it ;)

>For the events, we should rely on existing event queues (queue_wait()),
>especialy the button queue.

All I want is inkey$ fact next time i play with code - I'm writing it :)

>The script should run in a thread like any other sequential program...

that would be a requirement or else things like the mp3 thread will die -
not good :( LOL



Received on 2004-06-11

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