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Subject: RE: text version of manual needed please!!!

RE: text version of manual needed please!!!

From: Aman Singer <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 13:37:28 -0400

        I'd love to get a description in the units into the manual, but
this, for the moment, will have to do. The unit is very much like your
recorder V1, I'm writing this for possible inclusion/future use, so sorry if
it's too detailed.
        Locate the screen. The unit should be lying flat on the table. The
screen should be facing up, and it should be further away from you than the
buttons are. That is, the buttons should be below the screen. Now, below the
screen, three long narrow buttons are horizontally set. These are f1 through
f3. F1 is on the left. Under those buttons, there should be a circle on the
right side of the unit with the select or play button in the middle. The
arrows, left, up, right, and down should be embossed on the respective
buttons. To the left of the selection circle are two buttons, one being
above, and at an angle from, the other. The bottom one is off/stop, the one
above it is the on button.
        Now, as to the jacks, there are four, two on the left side of the
unit near the lower left corner, and two on the right side of the unit near
the lower right corner. On the left side, the jack that is closer to the
corner is the line in jack. The jack which is further away from the corner
is the headphone jack. On the right side, the jack that is closer to the
corner, and is, at least on my unit, part of the lower right bumper, is the
AC adaptor in jack. The jack above that, which is small and rectangular, is
the USB jack.
        The text version of the manual is at
        And a FAQ about the battery in your new unit is
        If any of this is wrong, someone please correct me, as I only had my
V2 for a few weeks and may have missed a jack. There's a hole on the top
panel of the unit which I don't recognise. It's a long thin hole, and it
looks like it could be for the battery door/lid.

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From: [] On
Behalf Of rinty
Sent: June 11, 2004 1:05 PM
To: Rockbox development
Subject: text version of manual needed please!!!

Hi all, it appears that the unit I was sent from the upgrade store is
a recorder v2 fm. The reason I say this is that it feels different to
my jukebox recorder upstairs.

I've not installed the rockbox firmware on the new machine yet, and
the buttons/ports seem again to be different to the jukebox v1.

Could someone either, (preferably) describe the button and port (all
sockets) layout for me, and/or email me a text version of the manual
or tell me where I can download one, if such exists? I know rockbox
manuals aren't very good, but I won't know what the buttons sockets
and so on are without some help. I'm concerned, as I can only find 2
round sockets, therefore I wonder if there's a line in and out, and
headphone, as well as charger.

Thanks for any help, Mat Holton, maybe you've a clue, as you just got
one from the same store I think?

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