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Subject: RE: Newbie Alert

RE: Newbie Alert

From: Rick Alfaro <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 15:16:44 -0400

Hi Steve, nice to see you in here.

The units can be found on Ebay. Personally, I would not go for any of the
player only units as the recorder models sound significantly better. I have
both an older jb6000 player, and just recently purchased a jbr20 and the
sound on the jbr20 is superior.

Just go to eBay and do a search for Archos jukebox recorder. Once you
execute the search, save it in your Ebay favorites, and have Ebay send you
an email every time a new listing is posted meeting that particular search
criteria. I still get an email almost daily with new listings for the
recorder units.

If you are going to get one, make sure it is one of 20gb units that support
USB 2.0. There is also a newer recorder know as a recorder v2, and yet
another with fm radio which is the recorder v2 fm. Any of those will work
with RockBox. The Archos units that will not work with RB are the newer
units like the Gmini, and all of the series that begin with AV.

If you would like me to demo my jbr20 to you with TalkBox installed, I would
be more than happy to do so. Just send me your phone number privately by
email, and I can give you a call and you can hear it in action. I have
unlimited LD, so not a problem at all calling you.

Best regards,
Rick Alfaro

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From: [] On
Behalf Of Steve Matzura
Sent: Friday, June 11, 2004 2:00 PM
Subject: Newbie Alert

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I'm brand-new to all of this, as I just discovered the existence of RB three
days ago, and I, like Rinty, am also totally blind and have lots o'

Firstly, I do not yet own an Archos player or recorder. I bought the
Brand-I (I=Iriver) player last December and do like it a lot, although the
accessibility problems it presents are pretty monumental, and that's my
first quetion. Are the RB's project developers going to do anything about
developing RB for other players and platforms? I've seen folks ask for WMA
and Ogg Vorbis DSP playback capability, and the Iriver has both of these, so
it seems that a replacement firmware and version of RB for that machine
might be something to work on at some point.

My other more general Archos question is, I've been looking at ads on web
pages for these players and player/recorders, and absolutely nowhere can I
find the nomenclature "Studio," "5000," "6000," "FM," "recorder," or
"recorder V2" in any advertisement for the thing. If I were to tot down to
a store and ask for one, how would I know what I was getting?

And what of the new big versions with 40-gig drives and MP4 capabilities?
Are the RB developers thinking about firmware replacements for these boxes
as well? This one I'm not so concerned with, more curious as to the
direction the RB developers are taking, that's all. I really want to know
about choosing the correct player model when purchasing.

Thanks in advance.

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Received on 2004-06-11

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