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Subject: Any difference in audio quality between V1 and V2/FM recorders? Was RE: done it!
From: Aman Singer (
Date: 2004-06-11

Hi, all.
        Does any one know if there's a difference in audio quality between
the V1 and V2 recorders? It seems they use the same MP3 encode/decode chip.
Is there any difference in the audio circuitry?

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From: [] On
Behalf Of rinty
Sent: June 11, 2004 3:45 PM
To: Rockbox development
Subject: done it!

Hi, I've installed the voice and rockbox software, got the unit
talking, have 80% battery, and all's good. I've an FM recorder, and
I'm very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the FM. It's on a par
with any but the best of my portables, (I collect radios), and far
better than any other of the personal (headphone only) radios that I
have. The sound quality of the v2 is also better than the v1, more

Thanks again to everyone who gave me help.


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