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Subject: RE: Legal Notice Served

RE: Legal Notice Served

From: BlueChip <>
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 18:31:13 +0100

Hi Fred,

Thanks for your support. But please realise that this latest issue is all
academic anyway. It was said (by Bagder iirc) that reviewing my source
code will taint the programmer that sees it, which would mean that they can
no longer submit/commit code for Rockbox. A interesting dichotomy.

Anyway, my main reason for replying. Your DNS is not dying on you; it's
"homepage" in the singular. And just for ease of memory "" is
probably THE largest UK ISP.



>Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> > A much larger percentage of the Rockbox developers use Linux.
>Perhaps they need to run WINE, too.
> > But if you want to ignore Linux, feel free to do that. Just don't expect
> > us to cheer with joy.
>I don't "ignore Linux." I have two PCs running Linux in my home (Mandrake
>and Lindows currently). But I realize that I'll have to go to the Windows
>boxes to access certain files.
> > What OS do you think Björn runs, the person to whom the question was
> > asked?
>Since you didn't know what all of my PCs run, why should I know what Björn
>runs on all of his PCs?
> > He distributes the binary that is GPL-licensed, he must provide the source
> > code as well. As paragraph 3 states.
>Bluechip stated: "source and binary in one file." Since you didn't even
>run the file, how can you claim that the source to the GPL code was not
>included? Perhaps the file was a self-extracting archive.
> > Providing source code is not "supporting a platform". But I don't require
> > you to grasp this.
>Unless I've recently suffered a severe head trauma, you aren't likely to be
>my intellectual superior, so lose the attitude. When someone provides you
>source code in a self-extracting EXE file (I'd confirm it was there, but DNS
>isn't resolving, demanding that he provide it in a
>format compatible with your system is requiring that he support a platform.
> > You can be as sarcastic as you want. GPL is the license Rockbox is
> > released under.
>So get the file, execute it on a Windows system, and if it's not a
>self-extracting archive containing the source, then complain about GPL
>Bluechip has been quite reasonable and has, on multiple occasions, extended
>olive branches, this being one of those times. You often lash out at him,
>this time referring to his efforts as "a joke." You accuse him of violating
>the GPL without even making the effort to see if the file he sent was a
>self-extracting archive that included the source.
> Fred Maxwell

Received on 2004-06-12

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