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Subject: Re: sleep timer
From: Oliver (
Date: 2004-06-14

Hi there!

Linus Nielsen Feltzing wrote:
> Salokyn wrote:
>> Is this really a problem. In fact I often shutdown my old recorder
>> while playing. The buffer is 2MB that represent about 2min of music
>> and once the buffer's empty there's a 3sec acces to the disk. It means
>> you have about 1/40 chance of shutting the power off while disk is
>> working.
> Problem or not, the situation should be avoided.
> Linus

Definitely true. But do not expect a head crash, if power is removed!
Since many, many years *every* harddisk does auto-parking. This means that
it uses a mechanical spring or the energy of its rotating platters to move
the head in a safe position in case of a power failure.
(see more,for example here:

Nevertheless I prefer a clean shut-down, because software (especially FAT32!)
does not know anything like "auto-parking". So what might be a problem is a
power-off while writing/deleting/renaming.


+++ Oliver


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