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Subject: RE: Fade on Power on/off
From: rinty (
Date: 2004-06-14

Hi Mark, I'm more bothered about the power off, rather than the power
on. I'm now worried about damaging my hard drive, sometimes ignorance
is indeed bliss.


-------Original Message-----
--[]On Behalf Of Mark Bright
--Sent: 14 June 2004 19:40
--To: 'Rockbox development'
--Subject: Fade on Power on/off

--We already have a facility to enable fade on Pause / Stop / Start,
--What's the possibility of adding the same fade up/down
--functionality on
--Power ON, Power OFF?
--Preferably starting to fade out on OFF pressed rather than
--released - as
--mentioned in a previous thread
--A simple
--for(i=(mas_codec_readreg(0x10)>>8)&0xFF; i; i--)
--  mas_codec_writereg(0x10<<8, i);
--  sleep(HZ/10);
--In power_off() in power.c gives a nice fade out, but I
--can't see where to do
--the reverse for power ON.
--So, does anyone else think this is a good idea, and can
--someone tell me
--where to do the power on fade?
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