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Subject: RE: Prob with Archos fm
From: Fred Maxwell (
Date: 2004-06-15 wrote:

> hey joe..blow me

Joe has been trying to help you since May 29, having sent about 1/2 dozen
replies to your almost unreadable posts -- and this is how you repay him?

You have now convinced everyone here that you are an illiterate,
semi-retarded, rude a**hole. You have erased any doubts that I had about
AOL users being morons.

Your messages are practically unreadable. You have yet to master the use of
the <shift> key. You can spell. You can't punctuate. You can't even quote
text, often leaving us wondering to whom your replies are aimed.

Getting Rockbox to work is so incredibly easy that we are all astounded by
the level of your incompetence. There are ultra-simple instructions that
*everyone* else on this list can follow, but that have baffled you for two
weeks. We have multiple users for whom English is not their primary
language. We have blind users who have successfully installed the software
without the benefit of even being able to see the Archos display.

Your first post, on May 29, started out "I GUESS I MUST BE A IDIOT..." Good

  Fred Maxwell


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