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Subject: RE: Script error, like Rob's?

RE: Script error, like Rob's?

From: rinty <>
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 09:56:26 +0100

Hi, that error is different from the one that I had.


-------Original Message-----
--[]On Behalf Of Brian Wolven
--Sent: 15 June 2004 03:05
--Subject: Re: Script error, like Rob's?
--Aman Singer wrote:
--> Hi, all, and particularly Brian and anyone who knows 
--about the Windows
--> Scripting Host". When I run the mp3clipgen.vbs script, I 
--get the following
--> error, which seems not unlike Rob's error of a few days ago
--> Windows Script Host
--> Script: C:\Program Files\Lame\mp3ClipGen.vbs  Line: 175
--> Char: 10
--> Error: 0x80045012
--> Code: 80045012
--> Source:  (null)
--> OK
--> 	Does anyone know what this error means? I've checked 
--the space on
--> the Jukebox and on my own HD. There are more than ten GB 
--free on each.
--> Google isn't giving me any answers with the error code. 
--> 	Any ideas, if I may ask?
--That seems to be the following line, assuming you're using 
--the version 
--from Joerg's pages, unmodified:
--   spkr.Speak(ClipSpeak)
--It looks like the specified string, ClipSpeak, is null, or 
--else you were 
--unable to open the wave file for output. ClipSpeak was 
--constructed as 
--follows from the folder name:
--        '--- Truncate path to last folder name.
--          LastSlash = InStrRev(ThisFldr,"\",-1,1)
--          ClipSpeak = Right(ThisFldr,Len(ThisFldr)-LastSlash)
--It's kind of hard to tell why that would happen - I don't 
--think you can 
--have a folder name that is null. The script does put out a few 
--diagnostics that might help; could you look for a file called 
--dirname_summary.txt in the same folder as the mp3ClipGen 
--script, and 
--post the contents (or at least the last few lines) of that 
--file? That 
--might provide a clue, as it should tell us the string that 
--was to be 
--spoken and the filename in which it was to be stored.
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Received on 2004-06-15

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