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Subject: RE: Blind Man's Guide to Flashing Rockbox

RE: Blind Man's Guide to Flashing Rockbox

From: rinty <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 14:26:46 +0100

HI, I completed the first 3 steps. I then started the firmware flash
plugin. hit f1 when presumably the info screen came up, and when the
disk next settled hit F2. The box spoke, "browse plugins". Does that
mean I can't flash my box? I've a recorder v1. I haven't tried
flashing my recorder FM yet.

Thanks very much,


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[]On Behalf Of [IDC]Dragon
Sent: 16 June 2004 06:42
Subject: Blind Man’s Guide to Flashing Rockbox

Blind Man’s Guide to Flashing Rockbox

As you probably know, flashing Rockbox makes the boot time very short.
procedure is a bit intrigued for the first time, updates are very
later on.
Here are step-by-step instructions on how to flash and update to a
daily build (with the voice feature). It may be helpful as well to
people because it more accurately tells you what to do than my
documentation, and doesn’t bother you with background knowledge. I
you can install and operate Rockbox the usual way. The flashing
procedure is
not really dangerous, will check for correct model, file, etc., if
is incompatible it just won’t flash, that’s all.

For the full and slightly outdated documentation, see:

Now here’s the steps:

1. Preparations
Install (with all the files, not just the .ajz) and use the current
build you’d like to have. Enable the voice features as helpful
the process, menus and filename spelling. Set the file view to show
files, with F1 -> General Settings -> File View -> Show Files set to
Have it nicely charged. We don’t want to take the slim chances that
you run
out of power during the flash writing, right? Maybe keep it plugged to

2. Backup the existing flash content, in case you ever want to revert
Select F1 -> Info -> Debug. No more voice menu from here on, but we
need to select the first entry, so press Play one more time. The disk
start to spin. Wait for it to settle down, then plug USB to harvest
the dump
file this has just created. The root directory of your box now should
contain two strange .bin files. Copy the larger one named
“internal_rom_2000000-203FFFF.bin” to a safe place, then you may
delete them
both from the box.

3. Copy the new flash content file to your box
Depending on your model (recorder, FM, V2 recorder), download one of
the 3
The zip archives contain two .bin files each. Those firmware*.bin
files are
all we want, copy them to the root directory of your box. The names
per model, the flash plugin will pick the right one, no way of doing

4. Flash the full firmware image
Unplug USB again, then select F1 -> Browse Plugins. Use the filename
spelling to locate “firmware_flash.rock”, start it with Play. Wait for
disk to settle. It now displays an info screen, press F1 to
acknowledge that
and start a file check. Again wait for the disk to settle, then press
F2 to
get a warning label (if the plugin has exited, you don’t have the
file) and F3 to actually program the file. This takes maybe 15
seconds, wait
for the disk to settle again. Then press a key to exit the plugin. We
have Rockbox version 2.2 in flash (no voice support), not exactly what
want. So don’t power it off, we’ll do the update right away.

5. Update the flash to a daily build
All the above was necessary only once. This is how you from now on
update the Rockbox version you’re running. Use the browser of the box
navigate into the “.rockbox” directory, play the file “rockbox.ucl”.
the disk has settled, press F2 to program it. This takes maybe 10
After settling the disk again, your box is updated. You may power it
off now
(unplug the charger first), and restart to enjoy the fast boot time.

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Received on 2004-06-16

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