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Subject: Re: Mac Mp3 Tools?

Re: Mac Mp3 Tools?

From: Bruno Rodrigues <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 16:52:15 +0200

Hello to all.

Michael T. Kupietz, wearing a pointy hat wrote:
> At 9:10 PM +0200 6/16/04, Andreas Stemmer wrote:
>>It's no problem to add a Mac column as soon as some nice tools are
>>mentioned here.
> (...)
> And a little something to come...
> Archos Cleaner <mine, still in private beta>: childishly simple applescript
> front end for terminal commands that delete all the ".DS_Store",
> "._xxxxx.mp3", ".Trashes", "Desktop DB" and other miscellaneous unwanted
> files that MacOS deposits all over any connected FAT32 volume. I think most
> Mac users here will agree that this is a sorely needed utility.

copy this to your /usr/local/bin/clean_damn_mac_garbage_files

find . -name ".DS_Store" -exec rm -fv "{}" \;
find . -name "._??*" -exec rm -fv "{}" \;
find . -type d -a -name ".DAV" -exec rm -rfv "{}" \;

Related to MAC and Jukebox, I have some scripts to syncronize iTunes and
a Jukebox at

This code is completely ugly but it's been working for me and I need to
get some free time to re-do it.

The idea is to create JUKEBOX-xxx playlists in iTunes and then sync that
music to the jukebox.
These scripts would then copy your mp3 files in the same tree as in
Music/iTunes directory, and create .m3u playlists, so you can access
your music "by artist + album" or by "playlist".

It can even make "by album", "by genre", etc, but it's currently not
really working.

I'm publishing this here in a "please do something similar to this so I
can delete my own code", so any help will be welcome.

Bruno Rodrigues
Powerbook 12" + Jukebox Recorder 20GB

Unleashed notes:

This is something that "works for me" and I shall not be responsible for
anything you do with it.

The XSL idea is too slow and this utility will be totally rewriten soon.

This is splitted in several steps:

1. In iTunes, create playlists called "JUKEBOX-xxx", either regular
playlists or smart ones. Create a "JUKEBOX" with all your music if you want.

2. Check all files for hardcoded directories. I hope the only thing you
should need to change is my home directory.

3. Remove this directory, if you have it: rm -fr $HOME/.jukebox_sync

4. Adjust and run, which will create a /tmp/ Run this
script if you have the guts for it. It shall create a
$HOME/.jukebox_sync with alot of directories and symbolic links, similar
to your iTunes Library directory but only with each music existing in
your JUKEBOX-xxx playlists

5. Adjust and run, which will create a /tmp/ Run this
script. Check if you have a Playlists directory in your current
directory, and move it to $HOME/.jukebox_sync. This will create a .m3u
playlist file for each playlist of your iTunes

6. Adjust and run sync_jukebox. This uses rsync to incrementally copy
your mp3 files to your jukebox. It will sync $HOME/.jukebox_sync to

7. Adjust and run check_jukebox if needed. In my system I sometimes get
corrupted mp3 files, and sometimes my system gets slow and even freezes
when rsyncing the files. This script just checks if the file in the
jukebox is corrupted and deletes it. So, repeat sync_j and check_j until
everything is ok

8. Complain heavily for this piece of bad code and get some free time to
Bruno ;)

Received on 2004-06-17

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