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Subject: RE: Koss Porta pros

RE: Koss Porta pros

From: Green, Tom <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 11:52:07 -0400

> This brings up a side-topic (about which we may agree): Specs may not
> be everything, but measurements are. It's a matter of determining
> measurements to make, how to make them, and correlating that to human
> perceptions. Many audiophiles believe that only a "golden ear" can
> truly evaluate audio equipments, while many "Stereo Review" writers
> subscribers believe that we have defined all necessary measurements.
> Neither group is right and I hope that we get some meaningful research
> so that we have more to go on than frequency response, S/N ratio, and
> THD (total harmonic distortion).


Well, I'm not sure I wholly agree that "measurements are everything".
Here are some quick thoughts:

First, I believe there are some things that cannot be measured, at least
in any meaningful way. Emotions are a good example. What makes a work
of art (or music) "good" is another.

Second, there is always variability. This applies to everything of
course - measurements, test equipment, manufacture of items being
tested, etc.

Third, as you say, "correlating that to human perceptions" is difficult
at best, especially since we all respond so very differently to things.

I started out my career intending to become an electrical engineer. I
realized early on that it wasn't for me, and became instead a
professional photographer. I had to struggle for a number of years to
throw off much of my "science-based", analytical thinking and begin
using the emotional half of my brain. It took me a while to learn that
what's more important in art is how it makes you "FEEL". While
analyzing, or "measuring" photos can have its place, the bottom line
(for me) is, "If it looks right, it is right". So, I do think there's
something to the "Golden Ear" idea, in that "if it sounds good, it IS
good". (Ah, Voltaire would be proud). However, it's true that it only
applies to that particular "ear".

But yes, I do agree that some more meaningful research into both the
science and ART of sound and perception would be most welcome! Which I
think, in essence, is your main point - that a balanced approach is

Well, I'm afraid this is getting a bit far off topic for this list and I
fear I'm beginning to ramble, so I'll quit here. Apologies to all those
who aren't interested in this...


Received on 2004-06-21

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