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Subject: RE: Koss Porta pros
From: Green, Tom (
Date: 2004-06-21

> I have musician friends
> that swear up and down that 2 inch tape still produces the best studio
> recordings. Others say that it is to dirty. Some say that vinyl is
> superior to digital. Others can't hear the difference. I know people
> love cd's but won't touch MP3's because they don't like the sound
> etc.
> Me? I love it all...rocker


I'm with you - I love it all.

It's funny, I have a vinyl collection of maybe 300 or so albums and a
stereo system that was pretty high end back in the late '70s. It still
sounds very good to me today, (though I presently do need a new phono
cartridge/stylus). However, I find myself almost never listening to it
any more. I've amassed a fairly large collection of CDs, and find that
since I got my AJB, I almost never listen to them anymore either. Now
I'm working on a huge mp3 collection - already more songs of more types
of music then I ever had before! I REALLY love my AJB and the
convenience of having almost any song I want available at the press of a
button - anywhere, anytime. It's simply incredible to me that this
little thing, and these compressed mp3 files, sound as good as they do!
For more "serious" listening I'll unplug my Porta Pros and plug in my
Etymotic ER-6's. They require a little more "commitment" on my part. I
love the isolation they provide, so that I can really focus on the music
without any "distractions" (like my wife calling me for dinner. She
hates those things.) :-)



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