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Subject: AAAAAHHHH! is it dying after 2 months?
From: ezankel01 (
Date: 2004-06-22

    This is the second month that I have owned my Archos FM. I have Rockbox flashed and it has worked flawlessly up until today. Today, about half the time I try to start it up, It won't. Here is what happens:
1) I push the on button
2) green led lights and backlight turns on
3) everything turns off and you hear the hd spinning down(I am pretty sure this is not good for the hd anyway)
    However, when I hold on+f1 it still starts the original Aarchos firmware. What is even weirder is that if I start up the original Archos firmware using on+f1, the turn it off, and then hit the on button, it will now boot Rockbox.

This entire thing happens only after I let it sit for a minute or longer. Any suggestions?

~ _/) ~~
navigare necesse est. (to sail is necessary)
 -Plutarch, 86 A.D.

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