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Subject: Re: Rockbox FAQ for the blind
From: Christi Alice Scarborough (
Date: 2004-06-24

Aman Singer wrote:

> Very nice FAQ, and it's a great idea


> There are fully accessible flash and CD based players (four times
> the cost, three quarters of the functionality, one eightieth to one quarter
> the storage space), so the above isn't so.

I didn't know that. Corrected.

> When describing the units, you don't mention the jacks. I'd have
> liked to see that when I got both my units, and would have absolutely loved
> to see it had I not had a sighted person around at the time.

Thanks. I've edited your text slightly and added it as a new question.
  My old Player, which I no longer have so can't verify for certain,
also had a line-in jack which I've added. I assume this was present on
the recorder version 1 too.

> However, even on the V2/FM, one is above the
> other. You might want to use that, instead of right and left, or make a new
> section for original recorders.

As you as you release something, you realise there's about a zillion
mistakes in it. This was one I'd caught and fixed in the time between
sending my mail and receiving yours. *smile*

> Between is misspelled, and recorderfm is pronounced recorderfum. FM
> recorder brings it closer to a more usual pronunciation, and the FM firmware
> is labelled fmrecorder on the daily page.

Thanks for pointing that out. Changed.

> The screen reader will say "play star two" or "up star 4", which may
> be confusing to some. If you want to put it in a less space hungry format,

And I chose '*' because I realised it would misread 'x' as the letter
instead of 'times'. Fixed.

Thanks very much for the feedback. It's very helpful.



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