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Subject: some jukebox newbie questions

some jukebox newbie questions

From: zebster <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 19:16:21 +0200

hello everybody!

first of all, let me thank the rockbox developers to realize
this kick-ass piece of firmware. i always despised the "normal"
UIs coming with such gear like mp3 players, some more, some less.
but with rockbox, it's almost impossible to find something that
doesn't work the way one wants (or can be tweaked around to).
using rockbox is just sheer pleasure...

after watching the rockbox development (as well as archos' gear
development) i simply had to buy one - esp. now, as archos seems
to cease production of the v2 series. so, i just got myself the
FMRv2 and everything (concerning the rockbox-side) is working
just as expected - to be precise: superb! custom fonts, .wps
scripts, voice menus, image viewer, video playback, etc etc -
you guys are so rad, unbelievable ;)

the downside is the archos, it got some pretty annoying behaviours:
first, while browsing and when the unit starts loading a file,
the hdd makes sounds like it's about to descend to hell
every second - is this normal? functionality isn't harmed as
far as i can see, it does everything as expected by me (and
described by other users in this list). somehow linked to hdd
activity is the 2nd nag: the display's backlight changes it's
intensity *dramatically* when the hdd is active - it's almost
like a vis fx :) again, my question is if that's normal?

the most severe issue i have is that the box won't turn on
from time to time. i press ON - the green led lights up, then
the red one. the red led is on for about 2 to 3 seconds before
going off again, ditto the green about one second later. the
disc isn't really spinning up during this crippled "boot up",
but you can hear *one* gentle click. this *has* to be a hardware
flaw, right? it can't be the battery, i double checked that.
also, the funny thing is that one time, it just works on a 2nd
attempt while sometimes it takes up to 30 or even 40 attempts.
i have a feeling that the effect might be linked to the time
the unit was off (longer off-time, more problems on next boot up).

i'd like to ask what you think about this, if someone had
similiar experiences and if you'd suggest sending the unit back
in for a replacement. i'd very much like to do so, even if i
won't have rockbox power in my hands for some days/weeks :(
but i'd like to hear some opinions from you experienced users.

btw, the unit was bought 4 days ago and suffered from all
these symptoms from the very beginning (and yes, it came
in the original wrapping :)

best regards,
Received on 2004-06-24

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